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New Program Approval Process

Did you hear about or find an app/extension/program/website that you want to start using in your classroom? First, visit our list of Approved Apps/Programs to make sure it hasn't already been approved or denied. Once you have confirmed it has not already been requested, follow the steps in the flowchart below to determine if you can start using it immediately or if you will need to submit an Incident IQ request to get district approval.

If your steps through the flowchart indicate that you need to submit a request for district approval, please login to Incident IQ to get the process started. Once the request is submitted into IIQ, the process could take several weeks or even several months to get full approval, so make sure you plan ahead! Also, please understand that submitting a request does not always guarantee it will be approved. 

If you need more information about an educator's responsibility in protecting student data privacy, please also review the document,

Teacher Training on Student Data Privacy and Digital Citizenship

Program Approval Process Flowchart

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.