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District Responsibilities

  • Process reports of lost, stolen, or damaged devices in a manner that minimizes disruption to student's classroom activites.
  • Follow protocols to ensure student data privacy.
  • Educate students about proper use of devices.
  • Protect students working onling by montioring student activity and filterning internet traffic
    • Note: Despite the district's best efforts to filter internet traffic, students may encounter information that may be inappropriate or illegal. If a student encounters such information, the student or parent should immediately notify a teacher or administrator.

Student & Parent Responsibilities

  • Keep usernames, passwords, and personal information confidential.
  • Use appropriate language and be respectful of others.
  • Observe and respect license and copyright agreements.
  • Be responsible for device care and maintenance.
  • Take appropriate steps to report damaged, lost, or stolen devices.
  • Immediately notify MPS Technology if you suspect your device has been compromised or hacked.
  • Return the device in the event of a student's withdrawl from MPS.

 If the Student loses or damages the district supplied charging code, you are responsible for purchasing a new one. Click here to Purchase a Dell Charging Cord.