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Zoom is a great tool for online class sessions or meetings.

Teachers will access Zoom through their Clever account, setup their meetings, and share the meeting link with their students. Students will click the link to view the meetings.
Here are a few recommended meeting settings:

To learn more about Zoom visit their Help Center to watch Video Tutorials.

If you need to save your Zoom sessions and upload them to Canvas, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. From Clever, go to Zoom.
    1. Inside your Zoom, go to meetings and select the meeting that you need to set up to record. Click Edit.
    2. Once inside the Edit options, you will need to check mark the “Automatically record meeting” box.You can either choose to save “On the local computer” or “In the cloud”. You are very limited on your Zoom Cloud storage space, so it is recommended that you choose the "On the local computer" option.
      1. When it saves to your local computer, it will put all of your videos in a folder called "Zoom". Inside the Zoom folder, you will find a folder for each day that you have a recorded session. Inside each day's folder, you will find the files for each Zoom meeting.
  2. From within Canvas, you will need to open the page where you want the video to be placed. Click Edit.
    1. Place your cursor where you want the video to be on your page.
    2. Click the arrow next to the media button and select “Upload/Record Media” option.
    3. Click the Rocket to find the video on your device, select it, and it will upload it to your Canvas page.
    4. Once you click Save, you should be able to see and view the video within Canvas.