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Lightspeed Classroom

Teachers can now manage their students’ laptops/Chromebooks while they are in class. It’s called Lightspeed Classroom, and it allows teachers to view what websites students are browsing on their devices, as well as many other amazing features.

Lightspeed Classroom User's Guide for MPS Teachers

Click here to access the Lightspeed's Classroom Teacher Training website.


New User Experience Resources  

The previous Lightspeed Classroom URL: is now the Classroom Management™ New User Experience by default. It was launched on July 19th, 2023.

To get a guided tour of the new User Experience:

Teachers that have rostered classes through Infinite Campus will be able to login at using your Office 365 log in or Google login (MPS credentials). Don't forget to bookmark this link, so it will be easy for you to access later as needed.

Your rostered sections/classes will appear when you login, but you will need to setup the schedule of the times/days for each class. This is important, because you will not be able to view your students devices in Lightspeed Classroom until the schedule has been set for each class/section. 

Please review our Lightspeed Classroom FAQ document if you have concerns or troubles using the program. You can also use Lightspeed's Customer Portal for more support as well.

Here are a few recommendations if your Lightspeed Classroom shows several students who are "Offline". We recommend that you click the “Offline” link in the column on the left at the beginning of each class period and verbally instruct those specific students to follow the steps below.

Troubleshooting steps to reconnect properly:

  1. Log off wifi MPS_One and log back in.
  2. Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome browser, then close browser and re-open.
  3. Make sure the student's Chrome browser is logged into their MPS profile and not a personal profile. Close personal Chrome profile window (if still open).
  4. Re-sync Google Chrome MPS profile if sync is PAUSED.
  5. If all else fails, shutdown and restart computer.

*Also, if a student is using their own personal device instead of a district-owned device, they will appear offline. You will have to invite them with an invite link/code. 

Walking around the room is also a great deterrent to students who are not staying on task and/or are always seeking a way to circumvent the monitoring program. Providing engaging lessons will also help to keep them on task.

If you still have students who are “offline” even after all of the steps listed above, please submit an Incident IQ ticket.


 **When using Lightspeed Classroom, teachers should minimize the number of browser tabs open. If teachers have Lightspeed open at the same time as other browser-based applications, the teacher’s system will slow down due to the increased network requirements.