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It is required that all teachers post their lessons in Canvas—the district’s learning management system (LMS). As we explore digital curriculums and learning spaces, we must have a common platform from which to operate—a place where teachers, students, parents, administrators, and support staff can access course materials and collaborate to continue delivering first class learning experiences. Canvas gives us that and much more.

Students & Parents

  • Consistency - 24/7 access to all their lessons from one place
  • Student and parent app for on-the-go access to all courses


  • Limits the need to manage make-up work
  • Instant content delivery from anywhere
  • Discreet differentiation
  • Courses can be reused and revised year after year


  • Analytics that can inform decision making
  • Access to students’ lessons
  • Platform to make announcements, house resources, gather feedback, and facilitate staff discussions

Here’s a rundown of all the resources and support available to help you become more confident in using Canvas:

  • Canvas has a Training Services Portal you can access from your Canvas dashboard by clicking the Help button. It contains self-paced courses, on-demand videos, and live webinar trainings you can sign up for. Pleeease take a moment to check this out!!!
  • We have our own MPS Teacher Passport that you, as teachers, can enroll in.
  • From the Help button you will also find the Canvas Guides. There are numerous "how to" instructions and support to answer questions you might have as you are learning more about Canvas.

Canvas FAQ's

Below are links to instructions on various tasks in Canvas:

**Exciting news! It’s now suuuper simple to get “Similarity Reports” from Turnitin for any written assignments you collect through Canvas. If you’re not familiar with Turnitin, it’s a  plagiarism detection service that checks student assignments against websites, periodicals, journals, and other students’ submissions to give teachers a report on any content that was copy and pasted or is extremely similar to another source. Until now, teachers had to setup accounts and classes and have students upload their papers to Turnitin to get a report, but not anymore! Now you can simply check the Turnitin box as you’re setting up your assignment in Canvas. Plus, you can still use all the great tools in the Canvas Speedgrader to mark student submissions and give feedback. I’m usually pretty chill, but I’m hyped about this one! I promise you’re gonna love it!  YOU GOTTA SEE HOW EASY & USEFUL THIS IS—CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!!