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Display Boards - Interactive Boards

Some teachers across the district may have a display board or interactive board in their classroom with a projector. Click the links below to get more information about each.

Newline Tutorial Video

SMART Technologies no longer makes the free SMART Notebook program compatible with other interactive boards. Therefore, the touch capabilities inside of SMART Notebook files do not work well on the Newline boards. If you are interested in converting your files into formats that may work better, try this option below:

Converting a SMART Notebook file into a Powerpoint

SMART Board Basics

SMART Notebook software is not required for you to use your SMART Board. However, if you want the software, you will have to sign up for the free SMART Notebook Basic version download and have your site tech help you install it to your school computer.

SMART Ink Quick Reference Guide

SMART Board Tips

  • LED on right side of board will tell you the status of the board.
    • Solid Green –  Connected to computer working correctly.
    • Blinking green- computer is asleep/ smart services have stopped. (can happen after windows updates)  Click tool box arrow ^ to expand icons, click blue disk- smart setting – use the wizard tool to restart touch service.
    • Amber- No software on smart board (very rare)
    • Red – Needs  a USB reset at the wall plate and at the computer. Unplug the USB cord and plug it back in. If it stays red after, there mayb be a bad USB extender in the ceiling.
  • Pens not working with a green light- a Smart drivers update might be needed. The newest version is 12.23 released May 2024. This is the link for the newest drivers. Your site tech will need so use Admin credentials to install it if needed. 
  • Touchscreen not working - Check the USB cord. It may need a USB reset at the wall plate and at the computer. Unplug the USB cord and plug it back in both locations. If it stays red after, there may be a bad USB extender in the ceiling.

Projector Tips

Lamp Bulb Life - Lamp bulbs are expensive. Please turn projectors off when you are not using them to keep the usage hours down on the lamps. Turning them on and off throughout the day as needed will not harm the projectors. They are made to warm and cool the lamp as needed.

Projector colors – Getting odd colors, Red, green or blue missing? - Usually this is a VGA issue. Check each end to see if it is loose at the wall plate and behind the computer. Some run through a Document camera, so check there as well. Tighten the 2 screws on the cable.