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Classroom Management with Tech

As we progress towards more digitally enhanced classroom environments, it is important that we consider including classroom management solutions where devices are concerned.

Teachers can use the Lightspeed Classroom program to monitor student devices, but it is not instantaneous, neither is it meant to replace your basic classroom management expectations. You should still practice effective management strategies as well as walk around the room and monitor your students.

  • Planning is the key to good classroom management
  • Set clear procedures, rules, and expectations for your students
  • Use successful management tips and tricks
  • Maintain a balance of Tech and Non-Tech activities. Students do not need to be on their devices the entire time they are in your class.

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If you like using the Stoplight Technique to help your students know when it is time to use their devices, you might checkout They have a built in Stoplight you can display on your Interactive Board.

If you would like to use a printed poster instead, checkout the poster below by Common Sense Media.