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Infinite Campus

Real-time notifications!
Grade notifications are sent immediately after they are entered.

Never miss an upcoming assignment
Access to assignments that are due (or missing), 24/7.

School/District Announcements
Know when prom tickets go on sale or when school is closed for a snow day!

Easy-to-use schedule
A new semester brings new classes. Knowing where to go from the palm of your hand.

Tools Available in Campus Student

  • Today
    • The Today view shows the student's schedule for the current day and lists any assignments due today or tomorrow.
    • The schedule shows the times of the periods during the day and the student's courses, with the teacher's name and room assigned.
  • Calendar
    • The Calendar displays data in three different modes, Assignments, Schedule, and Attendance.
    • For Assignments and Attendance, dots display below dates that have data. Select a mode and date to view data for that day.
    • In Assignments mode, a button displays to show the Weekly Overview, which shows all assignments for the selected week.
  • Assignments
    • The Assignments tool collects all a student's assignments with the focus on today. Click assignments to view details and scroll to see previous and future assignments.
    • Use the Missing and Current Term buttons at the top to filter assignments.
  • Grades
    • The Grades tool shows all the grades earned by the student for all tasks. Posted grades are displayed in bold, with In-Progress grades indicated as "In-progress."
    • Show grades for a single term or for the whole year by selecting an option at the top. Expand the Settings menu to Hide dropped courses, Hide rows without grades or assignments, or expand or collapse all courses.
    • Where the blue document displays for a task or standard, click the task to view the Categories that contribute to the grade. Expand categories to view all included assignments. Click assignments to view details.
  • Grade Book Updates
    • Grade Book Updates lists all the assignments that have been scored or otherwise updated in the last 14 days.
    • Click on the assignment or the course name to view details.
  • Attendance
    • The Attendance tool lists the absences and tardies for attendance taking periods in the selected term. Navigate between terms using the options at the top.
    • Click on a period to view details. On the detail view, absences and tardies are divided by type (excused, unexcused, exempt, or unknown), with all absences and tardies listed below.
  • Schedule
    • The Schedule tool shows the student's schedule for each term. Schedules are shown for all the whole year, all terms, and all the student's enrollments.
    • Each schedule includes the times of the periods during the day and the student's courses, with the teacher's name and room assigned.
  • Message Center
    • The Message Center includes announcements posted at a school or district level. Click Show More to display additional text for longer announcements. Announcements display based on the timeline set by the creator and cannot be deleted or archived.
    • Additionally, the Inbox displays messages sent to the student, including those from teachers and the Surveys tab displays surveys given to students.
  • More
    • The More tab displays the following:
      • Lockers assigned to the student with locations and combinations.
      • Important Dates such as holidays, late starts, and other school calendar events.
      • MPS Portal Info State testing number
    • The Quick Links section displays the website for the district.