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Beginning January 2020 for high school and August 2020 for junior high, it is required that teachers post all assignments and due dates on Canvas—the district’s learning management system (LMS). This requirement does not compel teachers to accept digital submissions from students or otherwise use the features available in Canvas.

The Why: Out of necessity, teachers are currently using a variety of learning management tools (Google Classroom, Class Notebook, Moodle, teacher websites...) making it inconvenient for students to keep up, near impossible for parents, administrators, and support staff to access coursework and resources, and difficult for the district to establish coherent and consistent PD and support. This requirement unites the district on a common digital platform, which is imperative to the success of MPSOne (our 1:1 initiative) and is beneficial to all stakeholders—students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Students & Parents

  • Consistency - 24/7 access to all their assignments from one place
  • Student and parent app for on-the-go access to all courses
  • To-Do list helps students stay organized by listing assignments in the order they are due and let’s parents see assignment details as well as all upcoming assignments—listed by due date


  • Limits the need to manage make-up work
  • Instant content delivery from anywhere
  • Discreet differentiation
  • Courses can be reused and revised year after year
  • Lesson sharing
  • O365/Google integration


  • Analytics that can inform decision making
  • Access to students’ assignments
  • Platform to make announcements, house resources, gather feedback, and facilitate staff discussions