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Virtual Day Information for Parents and Students

Parents and Guardians,

In the event of a virtual/bad weather day, your student will need to participate in their teachers’ lessons, assignments, and Zoom sessions that are offered online. In addition to the Zoom sessions, teachers will also be available for office hours. Your child’s teacher will give exact times for these learning opportunities.

If you do not already have internet connectivity in your home, please visit our website to learn more about Internet Connectivity Assistant Options that may help you find service before bad weather and virtual learning days occur.

As a reminder, you and your student are responsible for maintaining District Issued Devices while in the student's possessions. Click her to view the MPS Device Checkout Expectations.

Students’ Digital Access to Learning Resources

Your students will use Clever to access all their digital learning tools and materials.

Please click this link to read an instructional letter with Clever Badge Login Instructions.

Zoom Etiquette for Students:

We ask that all students behave appropriately during their Zoom sessions. Students should wear school appropriate attire, and it is suggested that they be seated at a desk or table (rather than lying down or reclining) to help with attention and to avoid any distractions during their teachers’ presentation of learning objectives. 

For those students using an iPad for Zoom, please click this link to see the iPad Zoom Directions.

Student Assignments

During virtual days, expectations for assignment completion are the same as when students are present in-person.

Shared Devices

MPS provides devices for student use on virtual/bad weather days. Siblings may be required to share a device. If your students are sharing a device, we recommend that students use the following process for logging in and logging out when taking turns.

Click this link to see a video explaining how to Switch Accounts on a Chromebook.

To Sign-Out of a Chromebook

1. Click the button in the bottom right corner of the screen (battery and time button).

2. Select the Sign Out option in the top left corner of the box.

To Sign-In to a Chromebook

1. If the student has never signed-in to the device before, they will not see their name listed. Therefore, the student will need to click the “Add Person” button in the bottom of the screen and type in their MPS credentials to get logged in. Remember to have them log out before they hand the device back to their sibling.

To share an iPad, students must make sure they have closed all apps that are open before handing the device over to their sibling.

To Sign-Out of Student Accounts on an iPad

1. Double Click the home button to see all apps that are open.

2. Swipe each app window up towards the top of the screen to close each app.

To Sign-In to Student Accounts on an iPad:

1. Students will use the Clever app to get signed into their digital learning tools (blue square with white letter C).

2. If their teacher sent them home with a Clever Badge, they could immediately scan their badge.

3. If they do not have a badge with them, they will need to click the button at the bottom of the screen to “Log in with username/password”.

4. Students will use their MPS credentials to get signed in.

To learn more about the devices that are assigned to students, please visit our website about our MPS 1:1 Initiative.

If your student needs help understanding how to access or use their digital tools, please reach out to our EdTech department at or by calling 405-735-4317.

If your student needs technical assistance, please contact our Technology department at or by calling 405-735-4023 option 2.



Telephone: 405-735-4024



MPS Technology Center Location:

1504 S.E. 4th Street Moore, OK 73160


MPS Technology Center Hours:

Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm (closed 11:30- 12:30)

Hours are subject to change during school breaks.