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Lightspeed Parent Portal

Empowering Parents to play a key role in promoting responsible digital citizenship and online safety.

Moore Public Schools' internet filter, provided by Lightspeed Systems, now has a parent portal component.  Lightspeed Parent Portal gives parents/guardians visibility and control over their child’s internet usage on school-issued devices (and/or using school accounts) at home and after-school hours.

Lightspeed Parent Portal is only available to Parents/Guardians who have a current Infinite Campus Parent Portal account setup and associated with an actively enrolled Moore Public Schools student. You should receive an email from IT with instructions on how to create you Parent Portal account.

  • Parents/Guardians are emailed a Weekly Student Online Activity Report keeping them informed with a summary of their child’s web activity and key stats for the week.
  • Parents/Guardians can log into their Parent Portal account to view real-time web activity, so they can easily stay informed and take action.
  • Parents/Guardians can allow, restrict, or block after-school access to YouTube, social media, and social networking websites on the students' school-issued device.
  • Parents/Guardians can control screen time by temporarily pausing web browsing on a school-issued device while student is at-home or outside-of-school hours for either 1 hour, 3 hours, or until the next morning.