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Internet Connectivity Assistance Options

 *Affordable Connectivity Program - Internet Assistance Updated Spring 2022*

Some of the internet providers that serve the Moore Public Schools patrons are also offering special discounts to help our students, families, and teachers based on eligibility. Please check out the websites below to find offers available to you.

Our district has provided cellular hot-spots to students in great need. However, due to budget cuts, those services are very limited. If you are experiencing issues with a district cellular hot-spot that you borrowed from our Technology department, we recommend the following:

  • If you have wi-fi at home, try connecting your child's device to your home wi-fi network instead of the district cellular hotspot.
  • If you have an unlimited cellular data plan for your cell-phone, you can use your phone as a personal hotspot and connect your child's device to your personal hotspot instead of the district's hotspot.
  • If neither of those options are available to you, we have wi-fi signals at some of our schools that you can connect to while parked in their parking lots after school hours. Moore West Junior High in particular has a tower with a stronger signal than most. Please veiw this map to see which areas have wi-fi signals (inside the yellow boxes): Outside Wi-Fi Access.