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Donations/Gift Policy

Donations/Gifts - TECHNOLOGY
Donations/gifts become the property of the District when given specifically to a classroom or when Moore Public Schools is used to obtain that donation. When this occurs most technology equipment must be asset tagged in accordance to Board Policy 4170, Fixed Assets and Inventory.
Board Policy 2160 Donations/Gifts to District;
Donations/gifts should not be accepted by the Superintendent or his/her designee but should be referred to the Board of Education for approval or disapproval in the following circumstances:
  • When the donor attaches to the donation/gift any condition or restriction upon the use of ultimate disposition of the donation/gift; or
  • When acceptance of the donation/gift could create a present or future financial obligation upon the District in regard to its use, care, maintenance, upkeep or final disposition.
  • If the gift is technological equipment
Please read all donation sites’ policies and agreements. In short, all donations/gifts must go through the board for approval.
Example: DonorsChoose
DonorsChoose ownership policy states:
  • Materials funded through are considered to be the property of the classroom (NOT THE INDIVIDUAL).
  • Any materials that have been delivered to the school by default should remain at that school if a teacher leaves.
  • Districts and schools often have policies around documenting or tracking donated items, and we encourage teachers to learn about such policies before submitting requests for funding on our site. will not be able to override these policies.
Predetermined list of technology will not need to go through board as allowed: Donations/gifts to the District may be accepted by the Superintendent or his/her designee except as set forth in B – Board Policy 2160.
This list will not be extensive and will be adjusted as technology changes. We will advise you on the work order if that the donation(s) will need to go to the board. 
All items will require a work order for pre-approval before applying for a donation to ensure that the donation will work with our district. Contact technology if you have questions.
Again: If the name or likeness of MPS is used to obtain funds or items, then all funds and/or items should follow board policy.